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japan open 2014
Japan Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2015
2015 June 14th
Schedule (スケジュール):
09:20 am: Doors Open (会場入場時間)
10:00 am: All Kids Start (子供)
10:00 am: Black Belt (黒帯)
11:30 am: Purple Belt, Brown Belt, White Belt (紫帯,茶帯,白帯)
13:30: Blue Belt (青帯)

15:30: Open Weight Adult, Open Weight Master (無差別アダルト,無差別マスター)
Registration Fees (参加申込費用):
~30th April
  • 3,000 (Kids)
  • 4,000 (Juvenil, Adult, Master, Seniors)
~14th May
  • 4,000 (Kids)
  • 5,000 (Juvenil, Adult, Master, Seniors)
~4th June
  • 5,000 (Kids)
  • 6,000 (Juvenil, Adult, Master, Seniors)
Taito River Side Sports Center, Tokyo Japan
Open Class:
Athletes who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the following weight divisions are eligible to register for the Open Class division
Juvenile and Adult competitors, only if you place in your division you qualify to register for the Open Weight division
Final Check Date (Important):

June 6th is the last day to check the registration. All athletes and instructors must check the fighters list.
Those without oponents in your division must contact us for change of division
The brackets will be generated following the list of registered fighters and the awards will be given only for those registered and on the brackets, so the check is obligatory for everyone

Changes to your registration:
E-mail changes to
Please be sure to include the tournament name, your name, and the necessary changes in the email.
The deadline for changes is June 6th, no changes will be made after the deadline
Registration (申込)
Para se inscrever, clique no botão abaixo
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