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japan open 2014
ASJJF Japan Open NO-GI 2014
Date (大会日):
2014 September 28th (9月28日)
Schedule (スケジュール):
13:30: Start Time (参加者全員開始時間)
Time for all fighters
Registration Fees (申込費用):
  • ~28th August (~8月28日): 4,000
  • ~8th September (~9月8日): 5,000
  • ~18th September (~9月18日): 6,000
Final Check Date (申込確認最終日):
  • 23rd September (9月23日)
Location (場所):
Chuo Ku Sport Center, Tokyo Japan (東京中央区スポーツセンター)
Changes to your registration (大会申込修正):
E-mail changes to
Please be sure to include the tournament name, your name, and the necessary changes in the email.
The deadline for changes is September 22th & 23rd , no changes will be made after the deadline
Open Class (無差別級):
Athletes who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the following weight divisions are eligible to register for the Open Class division