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asia open 2014
Asia Open GI & NO-GI
Date (大会日):
Schedule: 19th All Categories (19日スケジュール:全カテゴリ):
Kids, GI & NO-GI: Juvenil, Adult, Master, Seniors
09:00 am: Doors Open (会場入場時間)
09:20 ~ 09:50 am: ASJJF Rules Introduction (ASJJFルール説明)
A short explanation of the more important rules of ASJJF
Uma breve explicação das regras mais importantes da ASJJF

10:00 am: Tournament Start (試合開始)
Kids (子供): 10:00 am
No-Gi: 10:00 am
Black Belt (黒帯): 10:00 am
White Belt (白帯): 11:00 am
Blue Belt (青帯): 11:00 am
Purple Belt (紫帯): 11:00 am
Brown Belt (茶帯): 11:00 am
All Open Weight (無差別級全て): 14:00
Registration Fees (参加申込費用):
  • ~18th September (~9月18日): 4,000
  • ~29th September (~9月29日): 5,000
  • ~9th October (~10月9日): 6,000
  • ~18th September (~9月18日): 3,000
  • ~29th September (~9月29日): 4,000
  • ~9th October (~10月9日): 5,000
Final Check Date (申込確認最終日):
  • 13th October (10月13日)
Changes to your registration (大会申込修正):
Juvenile and Adult competitors are responsible for any changes regarding registration or to stay as a one man bracket or move up in weight or down in age.
Juvenile competitors cannot go down to Teen or kids divisions.
If you choose to stay by yourself in your bracket you will earn gold and qualify to compete in the Open Weight Division, see disclaimer
E-mail changes to
Please be sure to include the tournament name, your name, and the necessary changes in the email.
The deadline for changes is october 13th, no changes will be made after the deadline
Location (場所):
Aoyama Budokan, Handa-Shi Japan (青山記念武道館)
Open Class (無差別級):
Athletes who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the following weight divisions are eligible to register for the Open Class division
Juvenile and Adult competitors, only if you place in your division you qualify to register for the Open Weight division
Inscrição (申込)
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